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What does "JaJa" mean?

Our name, “JaJa,” is a slang term for wine used in the south of France. It is the table wine that one sits and enjoys with friends and family on a lazy Sunday afternoon while enjoying a three-hour meal.

We chose the name because it represents many things: Our love of wine, the casual atmosphere of the bistro and the way we want you to feel when you are here.

There are many attempting to duplicate what the French have perfected.
If you are looking for an authentic French Crêpe, visit our authentic French Bistro.

Please keep in mind we offer the perfect venue for your office party, family reunion or any celebration.
Parties of 20-40 work perfectly inside the restaurant for a cozy sit down dinner or simply appetizers and cocktails to begin a big night out.
We charge no rental fees and require only a reasonable minimum.

A bientot!

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